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Picture 1 School council member Daisy
Picture 2 School council member Jake
Picture 3 School council member Jack
Picture 4 School council member Max
Picture 5 School council member Lauren
Picture 6 School council member Libby
Picture 7 School council member Ava
Picture 8 School council member Lucy
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     School Council and Eco Committee
Pupils in Years 2-6 are eligible to join the School Council and Eco Committee and at the beginning of each school
year, classes vote for two representatives to be members for recommending changes to aspects of school life such
as addressing parental concerns regarding school meals and the lack of choice for older pupils. As pupils in the Foundation Phase were served first, menu choices for the pupils at KS2 were often limited. Due to the intervention of the School Council, pupils now routinely select from a menu each morning which ensures that their food is cooked to order. The school benefits from the efforts of its Eco Committee which meets to discuss ideas for improving the environment. Examples of efforts to promote sustainability are the recycling of materials such as paper, card and plastic and lights switched off when rooms are not in use.

      Previous School Council........

                       Year six:                 Nia               Leon      

                       Year five:                Max             Lauren 

                       Year four:               Oliver           Dominik 

                       Year three:             Libby             Jake 

                       Year two:                Jack             Daisy 

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