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Return to School - September 2020

Current Information re Covid-19 Procedures

Request for Spare Clothes for Nursery


We  have been discussing how to deal with any accidents the children may have in Nursery. This does usually happen a lot in these first few weeks of Nursery. The children are too busy to remember 

to go to the toilet!! Normally we just change the children and then send them home in some of our 'spare' clothes. 

This year we are asking that everyone sends in a spare pair of pants, socks and leggings or trousers - this can be 

any old pair - so that we can change them into clothes that have come from your house. The 'wet' items will be 

sent home with your child. As we have very little room in the cloakroom please send in a drawstring bag(like the old-fashioned PE bags) or carrier bag WITH YOUR CHILD's NAME CLEARLY ON IT. 

The plan is to hang these on their pegs until they are needed and then there's no need to worry about remembering them every day. I hope this makes sense and everyone can bring in 

these spare clothes next week on your child's starting day.


Thank you Ms Davies

Information for Nursery Children Starting the week beginning 14th September


All children are being offered 1 introductory day in a smaller group and then everyone will be in on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th September and from then on.

We will be doing plenty of handwashing etc and have adapted and changed some of the ways we do things.  At all times we have taken advice from the relevant authorities as to BEST Practice in order to ensure that our younger learners have an environment that is suitable and safe and provides as high a standard experience as is possible.

Nursery will start at 9:15am and finish at 11:45am.  Drop off and Pick up are from the Foundation Phase/Nursery entrance gate.  Please do not crowd the path, 1 adult per child will help limit numbers and we ask that adults do not linger either on the school premises  or around the gate.  

Every child needs to have a jumper/cardigan (clearly labelled with their name) and a coat as the doors will be open as much as is feasibly possible during sessions and the children encouraged to use the outdoor space.  Whenever possible we will use the outdoors for learning experiences - this is our normal practice anyway.

We will provide a drink and small snack for the children during the session.  

If you have any messages for me or information that I require regarding your child please use the messaging system on Class Dojo whenever possible as this will help maintain Social distancing between adults.  You can also telephone school to talk to me. 

If there is something you are unsure of or wish to know please do not hesitate to contact me.



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