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Latest update - 19th March

School Closure due to the Coronavirus Pandemic


Dear Parent/Carer,

As I am sure you are now aware the Education Minister has announced the closure of all schools in Wales from this Friday March 20th due to Coronavirus Pandemic. The Minister also announced that schools would have a new purpose and this includes childcare provision for the children of key workers and for vulnerable pupils. As yet we have no clarification regarding the definition of key workers and we will send you a message via text inviting you to make yourselves known to us once we have that information.

In addition to the learning packs already provided please see below information and additional resources which can also be accessed to support learning.

All classes will be updating Class Dojo weekly (usually a Friday) and Reception-Year 6 classes will be given phonics or spellings to focus on each week via class story or messages.

All classes from Reception- Year 6 will be given access to Maths games and activities on and will have had username and passwords sent home with their pack.

Pupils will be given access to free e-books on They have been given usernames (their year group followed by pupil – all one word in lowercase eg. year1pupil) and passwords (ysgolrhostyllen) and can access resources by clicking on the ‘My Class Log in’ button.

Top websites we recommend:

This links with the free e-book site and has lots of activities and advice on supporting pupils with learning


Other websites that might be useful:

BBC Learning
This site is old and no longer updated and yet there's so much still available, from language learning to BBC Bitesize for revision. No TV licence required except for content on BBC iPlayer.

Learn computer programming skills - fun and free.

Creative computer programming

Ted Ed
Activities and quizzes for younger kids.

Mystery Science
Free science lessons

Cbeebies Radio
Listening activities for the younger ones.

Code Monkey Coding

Simple and fun coding activities



If you need to contact school for any reason in the coming weeks I will be checking e mails regularly. The school’s email address is:

Teachers will be checking class dojo for any messages and we will contact you via parentmail regarding any information that you will need. Information will also be posted on our school website


Hope everyone stays safe and well